About RobinGoesTo

If you're reading this, then you might be at least slightly interested in following me on my journey. And while I book my flights, board the planes, and often make a cultural fool of myself on my own, I love the company. I'd love your company. 

My name is Robin and my story may sound familiar. I've played by all the rules throughout my life. Perfect attendance in elementary school. Assumed I got into college on my extra-curricular activities in high school. Worked 16 loyal and fulfilling years for the same company in corporate America. Amazing friends. Loving family. All good, right? 

Right! Which is exactly why it was time to shake things up. I left my job in 2012 without having a new one, not knowing where my next paycheck would come from, and listened to my gut. And my gut aches for adventure. I booked a flat for a month in the beautiful Bernese Oberland in Switzerland, hiked and trotti biked the Alps, ingested an embarrassing amount of cheese, and never looked back. 

The photos and art work in the RobinGoesTo store are solely derived and inspired by my travels. A picture is worth a thousand words but in combination with storytelling in my blog, I aspire to take you there; to share the everyday, unpretentious, wondrous experiences with you through fresh eyes. 

So the journey continues. I travel for all of us who just want to drift away, explore, escape... if even for just those 10 minutes to read the latest post. At the RobinGoesTo store, you might even find a souvenir to take home. 


Here's to all of us living the dream. No matter what that dream is. 

Thanks for joining me!