A Tremendously Trotti Day!

by Robin Rodig | October 12, 2012 | 0 Comments


Without a doubt, I had the most playful day here yet! Watch out e bike. Here comes the trotti bike!

David and Tammy were generous enough to ask if I wanted to accompany them on a half day outing and I anxiously accepted with no knowledge of what we might do. A bigger squeal of delight could not have been uttered when I found out we were going trotti biking!

Trotti biking is a great way for the ski areas to utilize their facilities (ski lifts, cable cars, mountain restaurants) in the warm weather. As with mountain biking or hiking where you can take a lift or cable car up the mountain in order to bike or hike down, you do the same with the trotti bikes that await you at the top. Except trotti bikes are much cooler (see pictures below).

With only hand brakes to slow you from the rapid coasting down the paths, observing the surrounding Adelboden valley from the trotti bike was exhilarating. The views were amazing (see the freshly snow covered peaks in the distance in a few pictures) and the ride was a blast (my pants splattered with mud from some of the rougher paths we tried). David and Tammy's easy conversation and company made the day that much better. I have them to thank for an unforgettably fun experience!

To more adventures...


Adelboden Valley, Switzerland

Trotti biking amidst snow-covered peaks of the Swiss Alps

Trotti biking the Adelboden Valley, Switzerland

Trotti biking the Adelboden Valley, Switzerland


Gondola in the Adelboden Valley, Switzerland


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