Greetings From Copenhagen!

by Robin Rodig | September 03, 2013 | 0 Comments

From the land of beautiful, chic, fair-skinned people, I bid you hej! (That's hello in Danish; pronounced hi.) I made it to Copenhagen and my home for the next month without a hitch. 

Nyhavn Canal, Copenhagen, Denmark


My early 1700's apartment is in a lively Copenhagen waterfront district called Nyhavn (pronounced New Hound without the d and, by the way, I've already determined that it is genetically impossible for me to correctly pronounce most Danish words) on an iconic canal built in the 17th century. It's suited with old storm windows, creaky wood floors, and an inherent mustiness in the stairwell leading to my 4th floor spot. Like my apartment, the canal comes with much character as back in the day it was chock full of merchant ships, trading, and brothels. Now, cafes, restaurants, and happy-colored buildings overlook pristine, wooden ships from which swashbuckling pirates should be swinging. I love walking out the door from my quaint courtyard each morning amidst this charming maritime model.

Rooftops from my apartment, Copenhagen, DenmarkAs if I'm not already impressed with the Danish guys' finely coiffed hair and the women's cobblestones-be-damned donning of heels, Denmark has been named by two university studies as the world's happiest nation. Clean. Friendly. Nautical. Stylish. Bikes everywhere. Big puffy white clouds. Dark threatening clouds. (Side note: When the weather says it'll be cloudy, it'll be cloudy. When the weather says it'll be sunny, it'll be cloudy.) Narrow, pedestrianized streets that look like a European set on Universal's back lot. It is a great place to be.

This week, I'll continue to explore by foot each geographic area of Copenhagen. Denmark is as flat as a pancake so that makes my feet and new sneakers very happy. I've found my go-to cafe, Emmery's, for coffee-to-go as I start out on my way each morning. And I'm already at hugs status with Camilla, a sweet, helpful Danish server (and So You Think You Can Dance watcher) at one of the waterfront cafes I like. Oh, and did I mention you can walk the streets with a beer in hand? Home, sweet Copenhagen, home.

Well, hold on to your Pantone color wheels because it ain't just the buildings that are vibrant here. Can't wait to check out more local color.

Farvel for nu! (Goodbye for now!)

Apartment, Copenhagen, Denmark

Living room (Guests? Anyone?)

Apartment, Copenhagen, Denmark


Pistolstraede courtyard, Copenhagen, Denmark

Charming Pistolstraede courtyard with shops and restaurants 

Apartment, Copenhagen, Denmark

My apartment's dining area overlooking courtyard 

Nyhavn Canal, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn canal


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