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9 Uniquely New Zealand Experiences You Can't Miss

by Robin Rodig | March 05, 2015 | 0 Comments

New Zealand sheepNew Zealand is full of uniqueness. The interesting dynamic of warm, laid back, quirky people with an extreme sport mentality. The enveloping natural beauty. Sheep everywhere you turn. So when a good friend of mine asked what should be on her itinerary for her upcoming visit to New Zealand, I drilled down a list of experiences that would provide the best, most representative taste of what this amazing country has to offer.

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Lady And The Tramp

by Robin Rodig | March 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

Milford Track, New Zealand
It is only fitting that one of my final posts from New Zealand shares what I probably anticipated the most about this trip: my experiences on New Zealand's Great Walks. The nine Great Walks are multi-day tramping tracks, of varied degree of difficulty, that showcase the country's diverse landscape, scenery, and natural beauty. Since I know I am not cut out for multi-day tramping (Sleeping in bunks with strangers in a middle-of-nowhere hut? Let's be real.), my goal was to hike sections of at least several tracks around the country. I am so happy to say mission accomplished.

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Fjord Focus

by Robin Rodig | March 28, 2013 | 0 Comments

Milford Sound, New Zealand
Fjords (land masses that have been carved out by glaciers then back-filled with sea water) span the southwest corner of the South Island. This remote area of the country is essentially uninhabited, is mostly reached only by boat, and is home to some of New Zealand's beautiful national parks and unspoiled land. Imagine hear-a-pin-drop quietness, cascading waterfalls, and still, mirror-like water. Someone could write 50 Shades of Green about the steep, temperate rainforest-filled cliffs that line the sounds. I'm not aware that the Southland has one of those titles we've talked about, but I might deem it as the Peaceful Capital of the World.

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