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by Robin Rodig | October 08, 2012 | 0 Comments


This weekend I feel like I got a taste of both of Switzerland's best sides: the best of the outdoors in Interlaken and the best of the city life in Bern. I'm feeling luckier each day where I'm settled at as it is so central and easy to explore all day and come back home to kick my feet up at night.

On a beautiful day and a two hour boat ride across Lake Thun, I was greeted overhead in Interlaken by dozens of para gliders coasting their way along the mountain wall at the perimeter of the town and gently landing in the grassy town center. It's a great metaphor for how you can spend time there: Participate in the active lifestyle or just sit and watch the beauty that surrounds you. You can easily spend hours happily doing either. (See pictures below from boat ride and views from Interlaken.)

As Fall (my favorite season, barring my performance in the football pool the last few years) is upon us, the leaves are starting to turn, the temps are dropping, and it appears we have about a week of heavy clouds and rain ahead of us but I am determined to not let that stop me! So I changed direction yesterday and headed north for some city exploration in Bern (Switzerland's capital). The city was quiet (most shops are closed on Sunday) but I couldn't have been happier strolling the Old Town cobblestone streets with an umbrella in one hand and a pumpkin latte in the other (it's a Fall Starbucks tradition for me, what can I say?). Gawking at the gothic architecture and cathedrals. Peeking in the shop windows above and below ground ( with arcade walk ways along the streets so even when it's pouring rain you can stroll the shops). Checking out so many of the ornate fountains in the middle of the streets. Saying hi to the bears (yes, real brown bears) that live in a central town park for all to see as Bern's revered mascots. Ducking into a museum or two. It was a cool day, rain or shine. (Some pictures below.)

My confidence is rising with the trains, I'm feeling like a local on my e bike, and my blood is turning to fondue. The Swiss lifestyle must be sinking in.

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Paragliders in Interlaken, Switzerland

The Swiss Alps, Interlaken, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland


Beatenberg, Switzerland

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