Eaude (Ode) to the Fountains

by Robin Rodig | October 09, 2012 | 0 Comments

With so much water gushing down the glacier-filled peaks and rushing rivers and streams, the sound of moving water is all around here. My most favorite sound is the sound of the rain so to hear the water through all these different channels is very soothing. I find that I'm drawn, however, to perhaps the most abundant of these vehicles: the fountains.

Apparently you can't have a town without a few fountains. Even Oberdiessbach has four! Depending on where you are and when they were built, these fountains come in all shapes and sizes. Some stone and tucked away in a nook off a quiet street. Some more ornate that tell a story in the middle of the city. Either way, I am always drawn to the sound of the trickling water coming from them. But here's the catch. You can drink this water.

Believe me, I had to confirm with several people and get the nerve to creep up and put my water bottle under the spout or dunk it in looking like a fool (and despite my hawking, I have yet to see anyone else do this). But the water is so clean and clear that the fountain water is for public consumption. It is crazy by comparison how much bottled water we drink in the US when the water is running so freely here.

I continue to take pictures of fountains I come across (some examples below) and hope to come up with a cool idea to showcase them at home. All of you creative-types- I'm taking suggestions!

Guten Abend,

Fountain in Thun, Switzerland

Fountain at Oberhofen Castle on Lake Thun, Switzerland


Fountain, Bern, Switzerland

Fountain, Interlaken, Switzerland 

Fountain, Oberdiessbach, Switzerland

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