Seasons Greetings

by Robin Rodig | October 28, 2012 | 0 Comments

Guten Abend!

If you've ever seen the old Christmas classic A Year Without a Santa Claus, you know the legendary battle between brothers Snow Miser and Heat Miser who are vigilantly at odds attempting to perpetuate their respective seasons on earth. Mother Nature personified even has to step in to mediate the dissension. This weekend, however, Snow Miser clearly cut a deal for Switzerland...

...and me! Snow started intermittently falling yesterday and today it hasn't stopped. This is abnormal this time of year. While I apparently didn't need to head back to Zermatt to see snow today (I opened my blinds this morning to a white winter wonderland- see picture), the train rides' scenery and the town itself were something to behold in their winter white (even with the Matterhorn completely clouded over). The crunch of fresh powder underfoot strolling the streets. Assessing the amount of snowfall by its untouched height on the fountains and fences. Staring in disbelief at the size of the falling flakes which appeared to be small feathers floating through the air.

In just one month I feel like I've experienced four seasons here. Luck is on my side! Or at least Mother Nature is.

Gute nacht! (Goodnight!)

Snow-covered Oberdiessbach, Switzerland

Train to Zermatt, Swtizerland

Snowy river from the train to Zermatt, Switzerland

Snowy river from the train to Zermatt, Switzerland

Swiss chalet, Switzerland

Snowy trees from the train to Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt with snow, Switzerland

Snowy scene from the train, Zermatt, Switzerland



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