My Cross To Bear

by Robin Rodig | October 31, 2012 | 0 Comments

Guten morgen!

It is hard to believe that I have spent a month here already. Thankfully I feel I have much to show for it. Tackling the trains. Ogling the sights. Appreciating the natural beauty. Ingesting all forms of cheese. And understanding a different way of life. This month has given me much perspective. Just what I was seeking.

As I leave Switzerland for now, I leave you with a few pictures from my last week; particularly one final great hike I took in the Grindelwald valley. They're certainly exemplary of this beautiful, peaceful country.

So the journey doesn't end here (as noted by my blog's upcoming name change)! I am on my way to live in Salzburg, Austria for the month of November to again explore a new country and new experiences. (Spoiler alert: The castle Disney based Cinderella's castle on! Christmas markets! Hefeweizen!) I would love for you to join me as I continue to share on my blog and have been so grateful for your company up to this point. Surely Austria holds my anticipation in its hand, but I'll always have a white cross etched into a special place in my heart for Switzerland.

Auf Wiedersehen Switzerland!

Grindelwald, Switzerland

A Fall hike through the Grindelwald Valley, Switzerland

 Fall hike through the Grindelwald Valley, Switzerland

Cows on a Fall hike through the Grindelwald Valley, Switzerland

Cow with cowbell, Grindelwald Valley, Switzerland

Snow in Oberdiessbach, Switzerland

Brig, Switzerland

Brig, Switzerland

Flag of Switzerland

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