Greetings From Salzburg!

by Robin Rodig | November 03, 2012 | 0 Comments

From my castle-like residence built in 1374, I bid you Hallo!

Arriving in Salzburg, I quickly became excited at the realization that my home here could not be more immersed in the Altstadt historic district. Just steps from the Alter Markt and Salzburger Dom Cathedral where two of the prominent Christmas markets will be held. Winding cobblestone streets outside my front door. The line of horse-drawn carriages around the corner. The various vendor-filled squares. A violinist on this corner, an accordian player on that showcasing the city's music heritage. It's old-world Euro and feels like I've gone back in time.

My apartment and its building (as mentioned built in 1374) have retained much of their original "guts" and charm. The big, black entry door at the street (see picture- it's on bottom left of the pink building). The narrow, uneven stone steps to the fourth floor (no elevator here, my friends). The medieval, sometimes creepy corridors furnished with dark wood deer heads and crucifixes. The apartment itself still has its original wood ceiling beams and door latches. All contributing to the feeling like I'm living in a different century.

If Switzerland produced spectacular natural beauty, Austria just may produce the equivalent in medieval and renaissance culture. Instead of cowbells I wake up to church bells. Instead of wine and cheese I have hefeweizen and weiner schnitzel (my first!- see pic). Another time, another place. :)

Bis zum nachsten Mal (until next time)!

Altstadt, Salzburg , Austria

Altstadt, Salzburg, Austria

Old building door, Altstadt, Salzburg, Austria

Altstadt apartment building, Salzburg, Austria

Alter markt, Salzburg, Austria




Old door lock, Altstadt apartment, Salzburg, Austria

Schnitzel and beer, Stiegl brewery, Salzburg, Austria

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