Salt Of The Earth

by Robin Rodig | November 06, 2012 | 0 Comments

Salz, salt. Burg, castle or fortress. This city flourished due to salt.

Or "white gold" as my personal tour guide, Gunther, called it. I was the only one signed up for the tour so it was me and my spritely, senior citizen friend Gunther together all afternoon. And since the tour moved more quickly because it was just me, Gunther took me on about three tours. Bonus!

Our purpose though was to tour the all-important salt mines. Before the exploration of the dimly-lit, underground tunnels or the ride on the clearly lawsuit-worthy mining transport (basically a quick bench-on-wheels that you straddle- I'm the last little face on the right in the group picture) or the fun wood rail slides to the lower mine levels, a miner's suit of the period is put on. An outfit that's a mix between a baker and a Klansman if I've ever seen one. But it's all part of the fun of learning about the importance of salt to the city's history and it worked on me. Fun and educational. Even if one could be a little salty about the look. :)

Gute Nacht!

Salt mine, Salzburg, Austria

Salt mine, Salzburg, Austria

Salt mine electric "train" , Salzburg, Austria

Suited up for salt mine, Salzburg, Austria

Salt mine experience, Salzburg, Austria

Salt mine slide, Salzburg, Austria

Salt mine slide, Salzburg, Austria


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