Rock Me Amadeus

by Robin Rodig | November 14, 2012 | 0 Comments

You gotta love Falco. Hitting #1 on the Billboard charts with a pop song celebrating an eighteenth century composer amidst the Like A Virgins and Thrillers of the 80's, I say, is pretty impressive. Austria would say it was about time.

It is Mozart country here and Mozart and I have become pretty tight. I've visited his birthplace. I go to his concerts (the performers play on instruments from that period- like the harpsichord in the picture below). I eat his chocolates. I spend time in his namesake square. I acknowledge his cardboard cut-outs on the streets. Needless to say, he's quite a staple in my life here.

But aside from my relationship with Mozart, it's pretty easy to be social here. I met a Greek woman on a walking tour (who is in Salzburg under similar pretenses as me) that I hang out with periodically. People ask to use the empty chair at your cafe table- and then proceed to sit at your table. Servers invite you back with a smile when you butcher an attempt at a new local greeting you just heard. I even connect through joyous smiles with the accordion player on the corner when I stand around and listen to him play for awhile. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I throw all my spare change in his hat.

I'll keep hanging out with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart among others. Trivial Pursuit alert: Austrian Falco is the only artist whose principal language was German to score a number-one hit in the United States. I think his Der Kommissar should have been his second. :)

Bis zum nachsten mal!

Mozart-laden storefront, Salzburg, Austria

Mozartplatz, Salzburg, Austria

Drinking gluhwein in Mozartplatz, Salzburg, Austria

Residenz concert, Salzburg, Austria

Mozart on the street, Salzburg, Austria

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