You Know You're In Austria When

by Robin Rodig | November 26, 2012 | 1 Comment

...You see sarcastic-toned signs saying "No Kangaroos Live Here".

...A guy in shorts and suspenders does not look nerdy (in winter no less).

...Churches and cathedrals dot the map like 7-11s and AM/PMs.

...Ordering a beer, you don't need to indicate what size. It's always a large.

...You "celebrate" the Krampus! Krampus is a folkloric, demonic, beast-like creature who, unlike giving St. Nicholas, captures and eats children who are naughty around Christmastime. Way to bring back the fear factor in kids at Christmas! People dress up in terrifying costumes and Krampus parades take place through the month of December. It's like a mix of Halloween and Christmas (see pic of shop window)! I am SO disappointed to miss this. Then again I am paralyzed with fear at the thought of the haunted house ride at the fair.

...You receive a defensive reaction to accidentally calling an Austrian German (oops!).

...The sports discussion is about professional skiing (their #1 sport here).

...Mozart is the subject of graffiti art (see picture).

...Cigarette butts are always underfoot. Austria hasn't gotten the memo yet about smoking. Even indoors.

I'll be soaking up as much of the Austrian experience as possible as I reluctantly wind down this journey this week. Stay tuned!


Celebrating Krampus, Salzburg, Austria

Celebrating Krampus, Innsbruck, Austria

Mozart graffiti, Salzburg, Austria


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1 Comment

bill halbert said:

We leave for Vienna in a few days but not before studying your wonderful postings on Austria. Thanks for all you share & do.
Bill & Ginny

April 12, 2016

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