You Know You're in New Zealand When

by Robin Rodig | March 31, 2013 | 0 Comments

...Coffee options (even at Starbucks) include a Flat White and a Long Black. (I'll miss ordering my Flat Whites :) )

...You mistakenly get excited that the wine server is bringing out crackers after already tasting several white wines. He asked who's ready for the Reds. I thought he said Ritz. That NZ accent can be very, very tricky.

...Manuka honey products are sold everywhere. Manuka honey body lotion. Manuka honey lip balm. Whipped Manuka honey. Manuka honey this. Manuka honey that. Manuka is a native New Zealand tree that apparently produces nectar with healing properties.

...Instead of seeing a field full of kids' soccer games on a Saturday morning, you see a field full of kids' cricket games. And the kids are dressed in their cricket whites.

...You've learned so much about sheep that you can distinguish breeds from one pasture to the next. Even on drive-byes from the road.

...The pre-game exhibition at the stadium is the Pee Wee rugby league! Granted it was flag, but tiny, scrappy boys and girls were playing rugby!

...Road signs on the two-lane highways around the country are as big as a sheet of poster board and do nothing more than try to communicate road safety to drivers (like "Tired? Rest stop 2km ahead" or "DRINK and DrIvE"). No massive billboards. No advertising. And thank god. I didn't need those distractions.

...The leaves are turning, they're talking about pumpkin picking, and Fall is in the air...and it's Easter.

Just a day left to squeeze in as much as I can of this beautiful country. Stay tuned!

Sheep, North Island, New Zealand

Sheep Watch 2013

Sheep, North Island, New Zealand I think this little guy is a Borderdale

Manuka honey product, New Zealand The Manuka Honey madness

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