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As mentioned, Denmark is generally flat with some rolling hills and plains. While it won't win any awards for dramatic topography, the country endears itself to me because of this for a few reasons. One: It's a perfect match for my preferred no-exertion fitness regimen. And two: I never need to carry a map in the city.

Entwined dragon tails forming Borsen’s spire, Copenhagen, Denmark

To get my bearings or know which direction to head, all I need to do is look up. With a relatively flat skyline, the spires of landmarks, churches and royal edifices poke out over rooftops like needles through fabric. They are the built-in guides around the city. Need to get back to that pharmacy you saw? Look for Rundetarn, the round tower landmark. Want to check out what's happening at Hojbro plads? Ah yes, just walk toward the distinctive rooftop of the old stock exchange. Spot the spires and let them be the beacons!

They've certainly helped guide me back to hip neighborhoods and memorable, off-the-beaten-path places. Like The Living Room; a super cool three-story coffee house that beckons sinking into on a rainy day. Or this inviting little lake at the edge of the city center that I love to sit at. And my favorite quaint, shop-and-cafe-filled, hidden gem of a street, Straedet, which somehow manages to stay under the tourist radar.

It's these things that inspire me when I travel. Even if the directions get me lost.



North Copenhagen and Sankt Albans Kirke, Denmark

                North Copenhagen garden with Sankt Albans Kirke in the distance

Spires, Copenhagen, Denmark 

                                       Spires dotting the Copenhagen skyline

Radhus overlooking Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark

                              Radhus (city hall) buildings overlooking Tivoli gardens

The city from Rundetarn Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark

                                                   The city from Rundetarn tower



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