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Or viva Copenhagen! With Fall being unmistakably ushered in this week with a nip in the air and thunderous rain, the clock is ticking on the optimum time to explore this city. So, as the Danes would have it, I jumped on a bike and set off for a day-in-the-life snapshot of a Saturday.

Frederiksberg Park, Copenhagen, Denmark

Strolling the stunning greenspace of Frederiksberg Park in the neighborhood of Frederiksberg. Stepping into Central Hotel & Cafe, the world's smallest cafe and hotel, in the area of Vesterbro. Watching the sailboats precisely navigate the narrow canals in nautical Christianshavn. Happening upon the coolest, underground, modern glass art exhibition, Cisternerne, that redefines the museum experience. It was indeed a lovely Lørdag (Saturday in Danish).

Undoubtedly, part of the experience in any foreign city is the board and brew. Right off the bat, Danish people did not invent the danish. Apparently Austrians did when they were hired in Denmark to replace bakers who were on strike in 1850. But I digress. Interestingly, Copenhagen (and I think Scandinavia in general) has become a go-to locale for some of the world's best, most influential restaurants and chefs. Copenhagen's Noma, which wavers between the first or second slot on this list, had to plant a garden around its premises due to curious onlookers peering inside the windows to watch people eat.

A traditional Danish smørrebrød, Barock restaurant, Copenhagen, Denmark

Traditional Scandinavian cuisine is quite particular. Seafood- pickled, smoked, marinated- is, predictably, omnipresent. Herring and salmon seem to be the stars. And you'll often find them as such on Smørrebrød, a traditional open faced sandwich on a slice of rye-type bread, smothered in sauce and often garnished with capers and dill. Any type I've tried has been delicious. I've also become the Norm at Restaurant Barock downstairs from my apartment as Camilla, the friendly server, basically serves up my almost-daily addiction of lobster soup and a plate of bread. In general, it's a hearty, carb-heavy diet where good fruit and vegetables are harder to find. Just the way I like it.

Now, the beer. Carlsberg, originated here in Denmark and headquartered in Copenhagen, seems to pretty much have a monopoly on the beer scene here. On tap in restaurants and bars, you have Carlsberg. If you don't like Carlsberg you have Carlsberg Classic. If you don't like Carlsberg Classic, you have Carlsberg's sister beer, Tuborg. They definitely make it easy to order a beer. And thankfully, as in most European establishments, you can sit there for as long as you want without anyone chasing you out with the check. It's a good thing. Tuborgs go down easily.

Rightly so, after a lovely Lørdag, a glass of Tuborg was raised with a mighty "Skål"! Viva Copenhagen indeed!

Farvel for nu!

Nyhavn Canal, Copenhagen, Denmark

                                      My first Carlsberg in Copenhagen. Skål!

Frederiksberg Park, Copenhagen, Denmark

                                     Frederiksberg Park on a beautiful sunny day

Cisternerne, underground museum of modern glass art, Copenhagen, Denmark

The coolest, eeriest underground museum ever; Cisternerne, museum of modern glass art.

Christianshavn canals, Copenhagen, Denmark

                                                          Christianshavn canals

 Kayak polo, Copenhagen, Denmark

                               Watching a lively kayak polo game in the inner harbor

Royal Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark

                                      Changing of the guard at the Royal Palace

Kostbar, Copenhagen, Denmark

 Central Hotel & Cafe, Copenhagen, Denmark

             Central Hotel & Cafe, the smallest in the world. One room over the cafe!

Marmorkirken, the Marble Church, Copenhagen, Denmark

                            Impressive dome of Marmorkirken, the Marble Church

Carlsberg drafts, Carlsberg Brewery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn Canal, Copenhagen, Denmark

A Carlsberg on a warm sunny day on a boat in Nyhavn. Can't get any better than that!



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