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by Robin Rodig | September 29, 2013 | 0 Comments

I love that Christmas song. So happy. So jolly. So much joyous anticipation. Just the happy, jolly, joyous thoughts I needed prowling catwalks 140 feet up on the Rooftop Tour in Stockholm.

Rooftop Tour, Stockholm, Sweden

A unique way to see this metropolitan area, the Rooftop Tour promised amazing views and city lore through a precarious experience of navigating grated catwalks around the tops of a clump of historic buildings. No casualties were promised as well. After confirming that last statement with the guide, I eagerly harnessed up, helmeted up, and practiced "walking the dog"; the act of scooting your last-resort, pulley-type device (connected to a thin cable on the paths) around with you at your feet.

It was breathtaking stepping out onto the first landing in the crisp morning air. At that heighth, there was a calmness over the city as some of Stockholm's beautiful sights were pointed out. Church bells were ringing. The sun was forcing itself through the dense clouds. The birds-eye view was definitely special. Then, after hooking my "dog" to the wire at foot level, I tightly grabbed the leash. It was time to walk.

Some paths were equipped with a pencil-thin rail to hold onto as I gingerly shuffled along. But there were ladders to climb up, ladders to climb down, and catwalks without those rails. I'd say high anxiety at its finest. At times, I would rather have been in those buildings raising the roof than on top of them. I plugged along with my sluggish "dog" (who apparently needed to stop to pee a lot) only to have to avert my laser-like gaze from the catwalk in front of me to bend down and give my "dog" a good shove. Fido was not helping.

Rooftop Tour, Stockholm, Sweden 

After about an hour of rooftop sightseeing and prayer, I practically hugged the rail on the last landing while taking in one last, unobstructed 360 degree view over the city. A memorable tour indeed.

Ho ho ho! Who wouldn't go? I venture those with a strong fear of heights. :)

Hejdå för nu! (Goodbye for now in Swedish)


Overlooking Gamla Stan on Rooftop Tour, Stockholm, Sweden

View overlooking Stockholm's Gamla Stan

Rooftop Tour, Stockholm, Sweden

The scariest stretch...sans rail.

Rooftop Tour, Stockholm, Sweden

Stopping for a history lesson


Rooftop Tour, Stockholm, Sweden

Up the ladder to the next landing. Phew.

Rooftop Tour, Stockholm, Sweden

Smiling through the frustration of tugging along my sluggish "dog"

View of Lake Malaren, Stockholm, Sweden

Expansive view of Stockholm's Lake Malaren. Worth the nerves!


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