Greetings From Norway!

by Robin Rodig | October 05, 2013 | 0 Comments

Hei! (The Norwegian hi!)

With a quick few days to take in the sights of metropolitan Oslo and cherish an awesome meet up with a Lagunan-turned-Norwegian pal whom I haven't seen in 25 years (Shout out to Kim! And Tamra for suggesting it!), I was back on the train aiming for Norway's west coast. From the look of it, Norway is like Denmark's wild cousin. Steep rocky terrain lined with autumn colored forest. Waterfalls pouring over tops of peaks. River rapids racing the trains. Fog creeping through the crevices of the sheer cliffs. Almost the exact opposite of flat Denmark. This is the Norway I've heard about.

We're in fjord country. Bergen to be exact. But that old man must be snoring up a storm because the forecast for my exact days here is raining and pouring. Not to mention their brothers foggy, windy and chilly. It is not weather conducive to the outdoor exploration I had hoped for in this natural wonderland. In fact I've spent more time this week hunkered down inside my apartment and coffee shops (no complaints) than I have all trip. So, as I am lucky to do on this journey, we are switching gears and heading for the Northern Lights early! Fingers. Crossed.

And a prayer for better weather ahead. Rain, rain, go away. Let there be light.


Opera House, Oslo, Norway

Oslo's Opera House with a Nordic twist

Opera House, Oslo, Norway Oslo's Opera House. Don't you just want to sled down?

Vigeland Park, Oslo, Norway

Vigeland Park, Oslo

Oslo ski jump stadium, Oslo, Norway

From the top of Oslo's ski jump stadium. That little orange speck in the middle is a zip liner.

It was so nice to have a dinner buddy and a great night catching up with Laguna friend Kim after 25 years!


Norway's Wild West from the train to Bergen

Bergen, Norway

My yellow apartment building and street in Bergen


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