San Diego Series: Mission Bay Sports Center

by Robin Rodig | September 02, 2014 | 0 Comments

Looking for some sun and fun on the water to complement time spent belly-up to the bars of the Gaslamp? Mission Bay Sportcenter (MBSC) is an outdoor complex on centrally located Mission Bay (just 10 minutes from downtown) that offers a wide variety of water sport rentals and group charters. From wave runners to sailboats to SUPs to pedal boats, MBSC offers the young and old, triathlete to beginner, local water-enthusiast just about anything you'd need for an awesome day out on the water. Burn some calories exploring sheltered waters, nearby coves and local marine life of the bay or just stretch out on a grassy area of the complex to check out the risk-takers tearing it up out there. There are even lessons for the space-agey Jetlev Jetpack; the world's first recreational, water-propelled Jetpack.

Locals' tips: Be sure not to confuse Mission Bay Sportcenter with Mission Bay Aquatic Center. They're located on the same peninsula in Mission Bay - just stay left upon entering the peninsula for the Sportcenter. During summer, go on a weekday morning (preferably when they open at 9:00am) to avoid parking trouble. Plus the bay is calmer with less traffic which makes being on the water more enjoyable, particularly for SUPers and kayakers. Rent a SUP (great location for all experience levels) and cruise north along the perimeter of the bay (about a mile and a half) to the Catamaran Resort. Beach the SUP on the resort's shore while you grab a meal or a cocktail at its bayside cafe or bar. Because the bay is less protected than other bays, it can get choppy out on the water. Be prepared during peak seasons when there are lots of other water craft out there. Hourly rental rates suit any budget; from a $13 kayak rental to $200 Jetpack lesson.

Hey Locals! Where's your favorite spot for water fun? Chime in below! 



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