Mo Monkeys Mo Problems

by Robin Rodig | November 10, 2014 | 2 Comments

There's something about observing natural animal behavior that fascinates me. I could easily kill an hour at the zoo watching a single orangutan sit there and meticulously pick the bugs off himself. Which is why I've been constantly lured to the omnipresent monkeys around Bali. Just as you might catch one jumping from tree to tree in the rainforest canopy you might as easily see one hanging out on the village curb. This is truly their home and you realize early on that you are merely a guest in it. 

And how to behave as a guest one must realize as well. One visit to any of the Monkey Forests will reveal just how scrappy, sneaky, and aggressive those cute little creatures can be. A quiet stroll through these areas is occasionally punctuated by screeching, howling, and shrieking. And that's just the visitors! Expect some company on your shoulder if they like the sunglasses perched on top of your head. And it's no holds barred if they smell bananas on you. I almost ran for the hills myself when I crept closer to a stocky, lonely-looking monkey only to have him slowly turn toward me like an old, war-weary general to reveal a gouged out eye and combat scars. 

Nonetheless, the primarily long-tailed macaques here bring charm and amusement to the Bali experience. With my recent interest in photography, I never thought I'd be pursuing monkey portraiture, but the subjects are just too convenient and fun to watch. Simply beware of their monkey business. 

Selamat tinggal!

                 Uhhhh... I'm pretty sure I want him off of me. 

                                          Mama and baby

                Loved how his hands were folded like the statue's


                                                     Uh oh


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Ali said:

This is my favorite post so far (shocker right!?) love the pics especially the one of you and the mama/baby. So sweet.

November 13, 2014

Jackie Drees said:

OMG I love following you. Indeed, you are the most interesting person I know to follow. Keep ‘em comin’…

November 12, 2014

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