A Few Choice Words

by Robin Rodig | June 08, 2015 | 0 Comments

About three years ago, I made a choice. A choice to click the "Book It" button on VRBO for a one-bedroom flat in the tiny Swiss town of Oberdiessbach where I knew no one. That choice changed the course of my life. Sometimes it's those small gestures that create big possibilities. 

Teresa Zucchet, a trusted life coach, counselor, educator, and dear friend of mine, shares her excellent perspective and some thoughtful questions on the topic of Choice; something that, as she states, either empowers or paralyzes most people. Are the choices you're making getting you to the life you want? 

Click here to read more about choice and how your choices are shaping your life in Teresa's blog post on her inspirational Flourish & Thrive website.

Thanks to that choice three years ago, clicking the "Book It' button each and every time brings peace and confidence that I'm on the right path. 

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