Cocktails with Christy Moyer of The Shared Sip

by Robin Rodig | April 14, 2018 | 1 Comment

Part mixologist. Part inventor. Part storyteller. Part whimsy. All parts that make up fantastic Christy Moyer of The Shared Sip. Similarly, parts of a tasty, creative cocktail need just the right constitution, too. And Christy's got you covered. What started out as "spirited" Thursday night experiments grew into a beautiful blog of exquisite cocktail photos, original drink ideas, and all-around festive entertaining how-to's. Now, Christy creates food and drink content for brands, websites, blogs, and businesses. From recipe development to food styling to food photography. But says her passion lies with helping people find just the perfect drink for them! 

Let's connect with Christy over a cocktail and a chat, shall we? Cheers! 

RR: How did you get interested in the world of cocktail creation?

CM: I think it started with my parents, actually. They have always loved having a cocktail at night, typically a classic drink like a G&T or Manhattan. I remember when I was in high school my dad explaining to me that you don't have to drink to get drunk, but just to enjoy the experience of the spirit. In my 20s I started making cocktails at home and over time I got more interested in the art of mixology. Living in NYC sealed the deal when I was exposed to some of the best cocktail bars in the world, around 2008 when craft cocktails really started to emerge.


RR: What ingredients should always be at-the-ready for a homemade libation?

CM: Each person has different preferences - so I recommend stocking your two favorite spirits, an amaro, sweet and dry vermouth, a simple syrup or agave, Angostura bitters and lots of fresh citrus.


RR: If your porn name, as they say, is your first pet’s name plus the name of the first street you lived on, what combo might work to create someone’s signature cocktail name?

CM: I'm awful at coming up with cocktail names, so I love this. How about: the adjective that best describes you + your high school mascot. Yes!


RR: Any cocktails that you’ve fallen in love with while traveling?

CM: I had some of the best and most innovative cocktails at Hemingway Bar in Prague. The presentation was breathtaking! Italy was another big one - where I fell in love with the Spritz.


RR: My next adventure this spring will be in Belgium. Can you share a Belgian-inspired cocktail with us (that’s not beer 😆)?

CM: Embrace the beer! I would create a cocktail topped with the slightly-sweet beer that is signature to Belgium. Try combining mezcal or tequila, fresh lime juice, a splash of pineapple, and a dash of cinnamon bark syrup (1:1 water to sugar, steeped with cinnamon stick shards overnight). Top with a bright wheat-style Belgian beer.


RR: Tell me about The Shared Sip!

CM: I started posting "Thursday Happy Hour" posts on Instagram a few years ago, and my friends and family kept telling me to start a blog to house all the recipes. So the Shared Sip was born! My hope is that I can help people create delicious and fresh cocktails at home, to grow their home bar with ease, and to take the mystery out of the spirits world. Above all, I want to encourage people to create memorable experiences with the people they love, while sharing a sip or two. Come on over and join the party!


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Jaime W said:

Ok, I’d love to see what she came up with for my signature drink, ‘the awkward wolf!’

April 19, 2018

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